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Board Member Selection Criteria

2015 MCB Argue On Packet

2015 Argue On Schedule

**The selection criteria is currently undergoing changes.  Please note that in the future the argue-on will be mandatory.  Details will be provided shortly.


  1. Appellate brief (based on appellate brief grade from LRW professor)
  2. Oral arguments (based on LRW oral argument composite score from two Moot Court Board members)

Process for Applying

  1. Fully complete the one-page membership application, including the waiver. If the waiver is not signed, then the application is automatically disqualified. DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION
  2. Place in unmarked, sealed envelope and submit to the Board's office in room 391.
  3. Deadline – to be announced


    You will be notified by mid-July in time for inclusion in your resume for OCI.


**Transfer Student Selection

    The Moot Court Board will consider applications from eligible transfer students for membership in the fall and spring semesters. Students must have completed constitutional law in order to be eligible for board membership. Petition due dates will vary by semester. Please contact mootcourtboard.rutgers.edu for further information.

    1. Submit the transfer student petition.
    2. Submit a letter of recommendation.